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  1. HUGE thanks !!! Edit after 2 battles: Missing fonts or/and I'm doing something wrong...
  2. No, I get arty focused. Constantly. Or mongoloids who rush me just to kill a superunicum. So no. I have no respect for the enemy team. And my team just needs to stay off my way and NOT die in the first 3 minutes of the battle... (please write in Russian, I understand it perfectly. Google translate is making a mess)
  3. Mate, you are on a wrong forum. Play fair ? Why ??? So I can get 20 lost in a row because I play along with 10 600wn8 imbecils ? Hell no. I'll take any help I can get. Personally using PFmods. Best money I spend, ever. Better to pay to coders than to buy premium - better investment. A far as Fair Play goes, there is no such thing in WoT for a long time now. Almost 50% of EU population are using something. Why should I be the honest fellow and go to a gun fight with a stick ? Again, hell no. I respect that people still use vanilla game client but for me that is a long gone option. BTW, this is EU: (anonimymizer ON)
  4. Why ??? This is the feature that will (apart from from 100 other things that make this a better mod) convince even the biggest skeptic that THIS is the better solution in every way...
  5. Man, I cannot play without this. Just knowing against who I play is a must have. Plus, no God damn lags like with XVM. Brilliant mod. Keep it alive for f##k sake. ?
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